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Students and staff at Sir Henry Floyd Grammar School are celebrating this week’s Outstanding Ofsted report. Two inspectors arrived and spent a day looking at the school to determine whether the school’s former grading of “good” was still appropriate. They quickly decided that the school could well be better than that and a full team of eight inspectors arrived the next day! They confirmed that the school is now outstanding – something that students, parents, staff and governors had known for some time!

Students spoke passionately to inspectors about their experiences. The report quotes one as saying “This is the best place in the world”. Parents were also very positive. “Whilst there is a rigorous focus on academic excellence, a lot of effort is also put into the emotional well-being of children.  I have a happy child which is a big testament to the school.”

The Ofsted team judged that pupils achieve highly and acknowledged that the 2015 exam results in IB, A levels and GCSE were the best ever. They said that pupils have the self-motivation to try hard, and learn voraciously.

They praised the way that senior leaders nurture the talents of staff and pupils very effectively – and judged that they are not all complacent, always striving to bring about yet more improvement.

The school’s governance was also praised highly.  The report says that governors view pupils’ success and well-being as paramount and insist that leaders rapidly remove any obstacles to those goals.

Inspectors also said that the school provides an outstanding education because all staff are dedicated to instilling the school’s values at every opportunity.

They asked the school to make more use of the talents of their subject leaders and to address the promotion of British values more formally.

Headteacher Stephen Box is delighted that the Ofsted team were so impressed with both the outcomes for the school’s students and the values and ethos that underpin the school’s successes. “We know that the school has been improving rapidly. We also know that members of our school community really value the blend between academic rigour and personal development that we provide. We are very proud that a rigorous, external inspection has come to the conclusion that we are an outstanding school”.

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